Saturday Sky and Gifties!

A beautiful, sunny Fall day leads to rain and snow forecast for tomorrow. Difficult to imagine!

A colorful way to start Saturday! A gift box arrived from my partner in the "Back to School Swap" through Knit the Classics. (See sidebar.)

A Little Princess is wonderful read that I will pass on to my teen DGD. Look at the cute-cute puppy page markers and the Boxer Post-its! Love 'em!! This is the first Malabrigo I've ever had and can completely understand why so many bloggers rave about the colorways and the so soft hand!! I can't wait to work with it!! The pumpkin and cranberry candles are perfect! See the golden box gleaming beneath the yarn? It's filled with Russell Stover assorted delights. My deepest thanks to my very generous swap partner!! You made my day!
The Malabrigo is "Purple Mystery" and does not have the strong blue tones shown here.

"If you're lookin' for trouble, look right in my face!


"My hope is in you!
Show me the way!
Guide me in truth
For all of my days!"

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Shawnee said...

What a nice package! Thanks to you, I've joined Knit the Classics, too.

Oh, you asked about my Surprise Our Daughters Swap at swap-bot .... I think you have to be a member to join; but membership is painless, so don't let that stop you. I'd love to have you join!