The excitement here today is the Rockies-Padres one-game playoff for the NL wild card today at...when?....why, 5:37 PM of course, here at Coors Field. I'd love to go, but DH wasn't interested in even attempting to get tickets. Single seats sold out at 8:15 AM. To read more KNOW you want to......go here or
On the heels of the Broncos "rocky" start, this excitement is most welcome and even more thrilling!

Adding to my excitement is the arrival of my first SP11 package this Fall!! I love getting packages and this one is loaded with goodies! Starting with three skeins of Knit Picks yarn, stitch holders and a magnetic chart holder. Two skeins of the yarn is Swish Superwash in "Fired Brick" and one is Shamrock 100% Peruvian wool in a color called Callahan. Just beautiful! The wheels are turning to decide on a project for these.
The pile of blues and silver tied with a gold elastic is a lovely array of handmade stitch markers for large size needles. They are so precious with tiny beads and delicate silver shapes. I so appreciate the work that went into these and will remember my SP11 each time I use these markers.
Thank you so much. See the chocolates lurking back there? Uh-huh! And, so precious...the fashion forward chew bone for Lailah. How chic is that?!

Here we feature the brand new, stylish toy with the beloved raw hide bone.

Lailah immediately chose her new toy and went to her "hiding place" since the toy looks like something she probably wouldn't be allowed to have!!! She made me laugh!! On behalf of Lailah, slurps and barks and thanks!
Wow!! What a day!! Thank you very much, dear Secret Pal!!


Anonymous said...

Hi there!

I'm soo glad that you liked your package!
::Scratches:: to Lailah

Anonymous said...

(The previous comment was from you SP11, guess I was all about being anonymous and forgot to "sign" my comment)

Beth said...

I've seen that look on my dog's face before, too. :)

Anonymous said...

How nice that your SP would send goodies for Lailah. And a good eye for color in the yarn department. How do you sign up for the Secret Pal?

Mindy said...

I bet she's still chewing on that toy. She's cute.