Is this stash busting?

The thing about working through stash is that one, that is I, cannot do so without finding the need to purchase more yarn to complete a project! Let's say that someone (me) decided to make a version of the beautiful "Misty Autumn Morning" seen at Little Cotton Rabbits and here. 
So someone merrily begins crocheting stash DK and works in a bit of Cotton Ease which decidedly is not DK, but--as we all know-- is WW. Someone then tries a final round with a too dark yarn that completely destroys the desired color palette thereby deciding that light gray will work beautifully! Alas, someone has a bit of gray DK cotton in the best possible shade, but it is only a bit, which would necessitate a purchase, you see?

Then again the stash DK cotton is of a small quantity, too small even for a lap ghan. In addition to the gray yarn, someone must also purchase complementary shades to complete the project.

And that is the thing about working through stash..."must purchase".

Is this stash busting?


Anonymous said...

I worked thru stash last year. IT was challenging at times. At the end of the year I wanted to be sure that I had less yarn than I started the year with. I was willing to buy some yarn if I had a VERY SPECIFIC goal for it and a plan to knit it NOW. No more letting things steep for months. No more buying it just because it's a fabulous color (there will always be fabulous colors, and no one has died from not buying yarn ;) ). I kept track of my yardage, and that was somewhat motivating. I'm doing more of the same this year.

Babajeza said...

It's stash busting nevertheless. :-)

Natalie said...

Yes it is stash very much is! At least that is what I tell myself because that's how I do it too :)