Yarn Along ~ Shiprock Bears

Our church is gathering supplies for the Covenant Education Center day care/elementary serving infants through fifth grade children in Shiprock, NM, in the Four Corners area. I decided to use some stash to make little bears for the children. The pattern is clever, quick, and simple! Sign me up! I can make a pile of these to send although I only have a pile of three at the moment.

As I created a little eight-row leg on six stitches, I read The Book Lover by Mary McFadden, an enchanting story about two "bookie" women and their lives. The author and the independent book seller cross paths and the book flows wonderfully from there. A major storyline is the demise of small bookstores and the perils in pursuit of becoming a published author. It intertwines in beautiful settings and is a delightful read.

Meanwhile, on the crochet front, after you've made two legs, crochet across both and, wham!, you're working on the body. OK?  Stay with me here. The remainder is made in one piece by increasing for arms, decreasing back, doing the head and so on.

To finish, you fold the little creature in half, sew or crochet around, leaving an open space for stuffing. Turn the bear inside-out, stuff, and close. Add a tightly tied bow to define the head and embroider the face. Finish in about two hours.

 Since I want these to be machine washable, I am stuffing them with yarn. My neighbor brought a couple bags of very old, questionable yarn in a variety of types and colors. Her sister in Chicago gave the yarn to her after collecting it from garage sales. So, you get the idea. I'm glad to be able to use it as stuffing in making these little bears for the children. The free pattern is "Becky's Bear" at

It's Wednesday! What are you reading? What are you knitting?
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