The Toy Society

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"About The Toy Society

The Toy Society spreads the love throughout the streets of the world. Nothing to it really just a bunch of handmade toys looking for a nice home.What started as a small street art project in Australia is slowly spreading around the world.Should you come across a member of The Toy Society on your travels collect them up and take them home with you! But don't forget to let us know about it here."

Scrappy Snake was dropped at a park to wait for a playmate to find him. He is crocheted from scrap yarn.

Three bunnies were knit with worsted weight yarn. This bunny is waiting in the gazebo at City Park.

Belonging to "The Toy Society" is a true blessing! I made my very first drops yesterday and felt sooo stealth. Like no one would see a gray-haired lady of some girth with her beautiful Boxer bouncing around on the end of a leash!! I did wear sun glasses, after all. I quite enjoyed the entire experience after a few tense moments when a police car was behind me. Did someone notice that I was driving to the parks? Did they note the plastic bags I left behind? Am I appearing suspicious rather than my imagined stealth? The officer’s right hand turn solved all of that, but there was that lady getting her mail. Was she watching me? Ah, the thrill of it all! Most importantly, I hope there are four children enjoying three bunnies and a scrappy snake who were waiting to be discovered.
My first drop was at a large park where I left a Bunny to ride the bouncy animal. I still haven't quite decided what that animal is! A squirrel? The final drop was to leave the last Bunny on the climbing wall at a park on the other side of town.
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Megan said...

Very interesting- I never heard of this before so thanks for sharing. Cool.

Traceyleezle said...

That is really cool! What did your slip of paper say in the bags?