The Beach House

The Beach House: A Novel The Beach House: A Novel by Jane Green

I got the book because of the 65 year old protagonist and am not disappointed in her character. Overall, the writing is formulaic--almost like reading a story board. The plus is that the descriptions of life in the natural beauty of Nantucket made the book worth while for this reader.

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~ Psalm 86:5

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Liz Baer said...

I took this book out of my library a few weeks ago. I liked the linking of each character to Nantucket and I liked the descriptions of the town (I have never been there). However, there is so much story and description in the beginning, but the end seems really rushed, like the author just didn't know where else to go, so she gave the "happy", but predictable, ending.
All in all I enjoyed the read, but some of the twists in the middle didn't make sense- they were just weird.