This is the first spring since DH built my potting bench on our deck. I'm having a grand ol' time filling pots and planters for our deck. This spring I'm planting flowers like those in my Nonna's huge flower beds when I was a child. I think of it as an old-fashioned garden.
These yellow lion pansies are tucked in planters here and there on the deck. This one is in a pot on the shelf outside of the kitchen window.

Lots of pink snaps adorn the three planter boxes on the deck. So cheerful!

These are called white blotch. Could it be a purple blotch??

These pinwheel petunias were the favorites of one of my sons when he was a boy. Still a favorite of mine!

Lantana is new to me this spring. I haven't used them until now and just love the tiny delicate blossoms!

Of course, geranium--gotta have those! I didn't buy as many as usual this year, so this is the token one for now.
What's growing in your pots and planters?

And this world is fading away...But anyone who does what pleases God will live forever.
~ 1 John 2:17


Yapa said...

Beautiful Flowers!
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Beth said...

Your flowers are great! I love lantana. I planted some this year that looks a lot like yours, but with pink.