I must sing the praises of Jetgirl1313 who made all of these gorgeous, well-crafted stitch marker! You can absolutely see why, can't you? By the way,I think these look like red candies.
Note that she handpaints some of the beads. What a unique style she has!

These were part of a gift bag for a dear friend's birthday. I cannot express just how delighted she was with these beautiful roses.

These would make fun earrings, wouldn't they? In addition to the eye-appeal of Jetgirl's work, I was especially taken with her finish work. Not only pretty, but functional are the pieces that attach to the circle. Did you notice that too? No little opening there to snag fiber!! Hooray!! I know I won't be using those other stitch markers now that I have these!

I especially like these beads with the painted swirls. She is wonderful about special orders, keeping in touch, and speediest service ever!! Be prepared to refresh your browser when you visit her Etsy shop. You will not believe the low prices....really!! I do not know Jetgirl except as an exceptionally satisfied customer who would like to spread the word to other knitters about her wonderful work that has added even more joy to my knitting.
**All pictures are from Jetgirl's Etsy Store**
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Katie O said...

Oh, I'm so flattered... thank you so much for the accolades!! I'm so glad you enjoy them and your friends enjoy them too!! Thanks again!!

Criquette said...

I'm with you - I don't like using stitch markers that snag on my yarn - it makes me want to say Very Bad Words!