Gotta See This Quilt!!

I just saw the MOST beautiful quilt at this site

The colors and combos are amazing! Wouldn't this be fun to translate to knitting with plain colors along with printed, painted, variegated, whatever else there is to place as the printed fabrics in this quilt? Seems like an amusing long term project! Mmmm....just what I need-another long term project! With several WIPs, shall I start something like this?? I wanna!

Well for heaven's sake! Why didn't I see the resemblance between the quilt and the Babette ghan??! Here's a crocheted Babette beauty:

I have been playing around with Elizabeth Zimmerman's Baby Surprise Jacket (EZ's BSJ) trying to get a size four. I've made a smaller one with left-over yarn in the past. It's on this blog. Anywho...I finally decided to order bulky yarn tonight since it's never gonna get to size 4 with WW and biggie needles with any sort of eye appeal!! I have literally spent HOURS searching for just the right bulky for toddlers, in just the right colors (red & white for him/yellow & white for her), at just the right price for a sweater that may be worn for a year if I'm lucky. HOURS, I tell you...many all afternoon and evening. It's ordered and its Encore Bulky and I am SO relieved!!! Whew!!

I'm devouring The Diana Chronicles by Tina Brown in large part due to her superb writing. This treatment appears to be quite even handed concerning the people involved. Blame cannot be heaped on one person. Life is much more complex than that. Additionally, this book details aristocratic life in England. These are real people with lives and circumstances that are quite a sham, usually public, and generally unfulfilling. All in all, it is an engaging read.


I am the good shepherd. The good shepherd sacrifices his life for the sheep.
John 10:11

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Beth said...

That is a fantastic quilt! I love the colors in it.