Not Too Swift! or Why do I keep starting new projects?

Five hangers holding Interlacements Rick Rack have been waiting for some attention since last June. Finally, finally I decided to use it to make throws. The first one will be feather and fan with a five inch garter border all around.
Here's a closer look at this 100% rayon hand dyed fiber with approximately 1100 yards per 16 ounce skein.

Then came the battle with the swift, untwisting, tangling the yarn, arms flying in all directions. At long last, we have the yarn subdued on the swift! Victory!

I'm now casting on 208 stitches with size 6 needles and placing markers every 18 stitches minus the 5 stitches for the border on each side. The website for this yarn maker is

In my reading life, I completed Extra Virgin by Annie Hawes who moved to a small village on the Italian Riviera. The author and her sister moved from England to be seasonal workers grafting rose plants. They purchase a battered rustico on terraced land covered with olive trees. Their adventures as they attempt to develop it into a livable home is the stuff of this memoir that encompasses village life as well. I was challenged by some of the British terms used in this book about Italy, which made me chuckle. An interesting knitting aside in the story involved their trip to a we-sell-everything store in the village. The store offered hand knitted socks with an extra set of heels and toes to be sewn on when the originals wear thin. Clever! Practical!

Some people walk in the rain, others just get wet. ---Roger Miller


Shelley said...

That yarn is so pretty. Can wait to see a pic of it all knit up!

Pooch said...

Thank you, Shelley!! It will take a while to finish the throw. The colors are gorgeous!