DIY ~ Booking Through Thursday

  This week's question is "If you could write a book, what would it be about, and why?"

I would write about my Nonna, my maternal grandmother from Italy, who was spirited, cheerful, funny, and could lay down the law to anyone. Nonna loved to sing and dance, to argue, to play cards, to cook, cook, cook. She baked bread every week and forced a loaf upon anyone who came to her door. A fabulous-fabulous cook who narrated as she added some basil, considered the temperature of the sugo, made her own pasta, maintained large gardens for berries, for herbs, for veggies and beds of flowers.

While my mother was ill in the hospital, it fell to me to take Nonna to a care facility because Alzheimer's Disease had left her helpless. I lived on the other side of the country and flew back to see what I could do for them. I was not emotionally strong. It was heart-breaking. We got through it, yet the scars are fresh all these years later. Sweet, funny Nonna.

She was a force and remains a force in my life all these many years later. She loved me and I never-ever doubted it.


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